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GFEST 2010 showcase.
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GFEST 09 showcase.
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GFEST 09 Programme showreel.
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GFEST 08 Programme showreel.

Visual Arts Exhibitions

GFEST 2010 Special Exhibition: The 15 Minutes of SAME-SEX Kiss
@ Westminster Reference Library.

Westminster Reference Library, 1st floor, 35 St. Martin's Street, London WC2H 7HP.
Mon 8 Nov to Sat 20 Nov / 10.00am-8.00pm (Mon-Fri) 10am-5pm (Sat) Closed(Sun). Entry Free

Images from live installation at Trafalgar Square by Niranjan Kamatkar

GFEST 2010 Visual Arts Exhibition
@ Hampstead Town Hall / InterChange Studios

The Atrium, Hampstead Town Hall, 213 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 4QP. (Entrance from footpath on Haverstock Hill) / Tel: 020 7692 5800 / Wise Thoughts: 0208 8899555
Mon 8 to Fri 19 Nov (Saturday & Sundays closed) 10.30AM to 5.30PM / Entry Free

ADVENTURES OF A HORNEY DYKE / Croatia / 29 x 21 cm / Ink wash Print

Artist: Helena Janecic

Description: A super-heroine with superpowers fights for crime and evil, whist rescuing kittens, to get women's attention.

About the artist: Helena Janecic is an artist based in Osijek, Croatia. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Art in Zagreb and Furman University, USA, she created the comic heroine Horny Dyke and also pastoral paintings of Slavonic lesbians. Helena is also a lead member of lesbian pop sport cover band. She has exhibited in Croatia, Germany and the UK.

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AMORDAZADOS IV / Spain / 85 x 59 cm / Engraving (drypoint)

Artist: David Ortega

Description: The enhanced feeling of unease of the subject portrays social, religious and political intolerance and misunderstanding.

About the artist: Born in 1978, David Ortega lives and works in Madrid. He received the Spanish National Engraving Award 2010. The artist has presented his work in Spain and France and has a number of collectors across Europe.

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CERTAIN BODY / UK / 52 x 52cm / Photograph

Artist: Be Kosc

Description: A focus on gender related anxiety as a layer of identity that is attributed to the body.

About the artist: Born in Poland in 1976, Be Kosc graduated from Art College in Wroclaw and is interested in showing national, ethnic and gender identity and its influence on the individual. Her work is exhibited in both Exeter and City of Westminster College.

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DECORATION / UK / 90 x 60 cm / Photograph

Artist: Colin Hampden-White

Description: A portrait of two women from a series called The Mayfair Squatters.

About the artist: Scottish by descent, Colin initially trained as a quantity surveyor. He has since worked as a photojournalist for a number of publications including Financial Times and The Times. The award-winning artist has exhibited in several galleries throughout London and the UK; with solo shows in Rebecca Hossack Gallery and Cork Street Gallery in London.

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FORBIDDEN FRUITS / UK / 21 x 16cm / Ceramic

Artist: Peter Garrard

Description: A vision of Eden before 'The Fall', where we all are accepted for who we are.

About the artist: Gloucester based Peter received a 1st class honours degree in 3D Design at Manchester Metropolitan University, he also spent six months studying Ceramics at Alfred University in New York State, USA. A secondary school Art teacher, he now works part time to focus on his own ceramic work.

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FREEDOM TO LOVE / USA / 40 x 50 cm / Image printed on canvas

Artist: Silvia Ros

Description: Inspired by Norman Rockwell's iconic Saturday Evening Post covers, this family photo of the artist's great-grandparents in Havana in 1921 aims to question if history will repeat itself and people will be forced to leave their homelands again to gain equal rights.

About the artist: Miami based photographer Silvia Ros, had her first solo exhibition in 2006 at the MIA Gallery. Her work is exhibited and has toured in the United States and internationally. She has been the staff photographer at The Wolfsonian-FIU since 2001 and is the founder of the National LGBT Visual Documentation Project.

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ISARN BOY SOI 4 # 03 / Thailand / 90 x 67 cm / Photograph

Artist: Maitree Siriboon

Description: A distinctive and bold work that compels the viewer to challenge the perceptions of cultural, and sexual orientation boundaries.

About the artist: Maitree Siriboon was born and raised in Ubon Ratchathani in Thailand. He has exhibited in Italy, Singapore, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Malaysia - and Thailand, where he lives and works. He compliments his own work by being the principle curator at Whitespace Gallery.

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JUST FRIENDS / UK / 45 x 61 cm / Acrylic on canvas

Artist: Mike Bliss

Description: An earnest, raw and revealing portrait of unrequited love.

About the artist: Mike has been working as a professional artist over seven years. His childhood was spent living in various places around the world. This upbringing endowed him a unique vision of the world which infuses his work. He studied Fashion at Edinburgh College of Art. His work has been featured in Boyz and Blue Magazines and had been exhibited in LGBT and arts events across UK. GFEST 07 artist.

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MIDNIGHT PEARL / UK / 44 x 44 cm / Oil on canvas

Artist: Matthew Stradling

Description: Often, we see black males as objects of lust; seldom do we see black saints.

About the artist: Matthew's work is represented in many collections across Europe, USA and the Far and Middle East. Born in Hertfordshire, Matthew now works from his studio in North London. In 2001-2, he was selected by Sothebys to represent Britain in the Young Artist International Touring Exhibition and then went on to be selected for the BP Portrait Award Exhibition. GFEST 08/09 artist.

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Artist: Corrine Bot

Description: A series of pictures of a young couple, in which the man and woman are played by the artist herself.

About the artist: Born in 1973, Corrine was educated at The Willem de Kooning Academy. An award-winning photographer and videographer, Corrine resides in Rotterdam and her work had been exhibited in Europe, USA, Bangladesh and Cuba. GFEST 09 artist.

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MONUMENT / UK / 72 x 52.5 cm / Photograph

Artist: Helen Churchill

Description: Here, the words from the epitaph have been transposed on to the cobbles beside the pink triangle of the Homomonument in Amsterdam, enshrining words and historic symbols to lie side by side.

About the artist: A Doctor of Social Science, Helen is the current head of Sociology at Liverpool John Moores University. Growing up in Hackney, she came out as a lesbian in 1978 and was active in a number of women's and gay organisations. Helen has exhibited work at a number of venues and has completed several private commissions for clients in the UK. GFEST 08 artist.

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PUSSY PORTFOLIO MUG / UK / 15 x 12 cm / Ceramic

Artist: Jan Morley

Description: Some words are very old or obsolete and some are definitely in current usage; this work is looking to reclaim words for the vagina.

About the artist: Jan Morley has been a designer for the last 15 years producing tableware designs. Her aim is to challenge boundaries and produce art with a difference. She occasionally writes poems and has been known to perform them on stage.

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NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS HERE'S THE TRANS PEOPLE / UK / 50 x 50 cm / Acrylic and collage on canvas

Artist: Simon Croft

Description: By referencing an iconic image from a sub-culture, the work contests the over-emphasis and prurient interest in trans-people's genitals that is still prevalent in wider society.


NUTS / UK / 20 x 15 x 20 cm / Metal, nuts and bolts glued

Artist: Simon Croft

Description: Assumptions based on initial appearances are often flawed; the work invites comments on perception of masculinity in general.

About the artist: Before completing BA in Fine Art from Kingston University, Simon spent ten years working in commercial manufacturing following a degree in Engineering. His work has been exhibited in several festivals and in galleries in London and San Francisco. Simon works as a curator and also part time for the voluntary sector in London.

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ONE DAY THIS KID... (20 YEARS ON) / UK / 60 x 84 cm / Giclee print

Artist: Jason C Woodson

Description: A response to complacency and apathy that the artist sees in the present day LGBT community. An homage and response to David Wojnarowicz's Untitled (This Kid).

About the artist: Born in New York, raised in Australia and now living in the UK, Jason studied Illustration at university and published various comic books and comic strips in the USA. His work is in private collections around the world and has been featured in both print and digital media. A professional graphic designer, Jason divides his time between his homes in London and Barcelona.

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RELATIONSHIP / Israel / 40 x 30 cm / Photograph

Artist: Raphael Perez

Description: The artist captures Hadaar and Adam, an older gay couple.

About the artist: Raphael Perez, was born in 1965 and was raised in Jerusalem. He currently resides and works in Tel-Aviv. He is a graduate of the Jerusalem school of Visual Arts. Perez`s artworks deal with the subject of homosexuality, single-sex families, pride parades, soldiers, male birth giving and are exhibited widely in Israel.

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THE STAGS IN DRAG (THE NATURE OF BEAUTY) / UK / 33 x 40 cm / Mixed Media on Wood

Artist: Kimi Tayler

Description: A juxtaposition of both materials and imagery to create visual collisions, highlighting themes such as gender-linked notions of physicality and queer politics.

About the artist: A bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Hertfordshire, Kimi has a certificate in Higher Education in Fine Art from Cambridge School of Art. Kimi's work is exhibited in Coventry, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Letchworth. Kimi is a recipient of a University of Hertfordshire Prize.

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TOO MUCH TOO YOUNG (SHE) / UK / 70 x 50 cm / Acrylic on canvas

Artist: Enzo Marra

Description: A comment on the over-protectiveness of the nanny state society and the natural curiosity of children.

About the artist: Brighton-based Enzo Marra holds a BA in Fine Art from Reading University and an MA from Brighton University. His work is influenced by elements of history, mythology, surrealism and metamorphosis. Marra is represented by WW Gallery and was part of Travelling Light at the Venice Biennale 2009.

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MURIWAI SURFERS II / New Zealand / 20 x 25 cm / Photograph

Artist: Xavier Radic

Description: A 'man watching' hunky young surfers, who strip naked in public beach car parks, oblivious to the visual joys they offered to queer men in 1998.

About the artist: Xavier has been involved in photography for 40 years. A finalist for 2006 Norsewear Art Award with a Queer image, he has also exhibited in Strasbourg, New York and San Francisco. He has developed and curated many art exhibitions in New Zealand and has recently been invited again to show at the Florence Biennale 2011.

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