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GFEST 2011 showreel.
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GFEST 2010 showcase.
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GFEST 09 showcase.
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GFEST 09 Programme showreel.

GFEST 2011 Visual Arts Exhibition

Dreamspace Gallery, 1-3 Dufferin Street, London, EC1Y 8NA (press buzzer to enter)
Tel: 020 7562 8282

Mon 7 Nov to Sat 19 Nov 9am to 5:30pm, Sat: 10am to 5pm (Sunday Closed) ENTRY FREE
Mon 7 Nov: Private View: 6 to 8:30pm (by invitation)

At Last! / Oil on canvas / 18 X 13 cm

Artist: Wendy Elia

Description: Wendy Elia's work 'At last!' is from the series 'it will happen when you least expect it'.

About the artist: Wendy Elia trained in London at St Martins school of Art and has exhibited widely, including at the National Portrait Gallery and as a finalist and the public vote winner for the Sovereign European Prize in 2007. This year she has again been selected for the BP National Portrait Gallery award show, and Threadneedle Prize exhibition.

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Bob The Hermaphrodyke-Transfag / Photograph / 30 X 42 cm

Artist: Art Racket

Description: A take on gender ambiguity in a still image that is not generally offered to us by mainstream society.

About the artist: Art Racket is a fluid collective of members: Cheryl Wills studies at University of West of Scotland as a digital artist, photographer, graphic artist. Gordon Bavaird trained at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, and is an artist, facilitator, designer, and technician. Lucy Hutson is an artist interested in making art that questions human nature and interrupt social order.

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Departures 3.02 / Installation / 40 X 39 X 99 cm

Artist: The Trope Troupe

Description: This screen-based 'travel information system', seems like a twisted admonition to 'behave' ourselves on holiday, but is, in reality, a shocking reminder that, around the world, so many gay people's sexuality is still criminalised.

About the artist: The Trope Troupe, using found objects, adapted technology, appropriated cultural artefacts and processed digital media, creates montage, collage and bricolage and has exhibited at Kinetica Art Fair, Duckie in London and Shout in Birmingham.

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Gross Indecency / Photograph / 84 X 60 cm

Artist: Jason C Woodson (GFEST 2010 Artist)

Description: In Victorian times, the brazen bronze and marble statues were censored with a fig leaf, so the artist looks at the irony of using them as modern day equivalent.

About the artist: Described as an Anglo Austral-Afro-American, which is just modern PC parlance for the fact that Jason was born in NY, raised in Australia and is now a British citizen. He studied Illustration at university and went on to publish various independent comic books and comic strips in the US. He has exhibited his work in solo and group projects in the US, Australia, Europe and Asia.

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I Am Not An Abomination / Bag and badges / 2 cm

Artist: Paul Chisholm

Description: Leviticus 20:13 "A man, who sleeps with another man is an abomination and should be executed." How can humanity hate so much?

About the artist: Born in Canterbury, England, Paul completed his BA at Nottingham Trent University (2004) and went onto further study at the Cyprus College of Art, The Royal Academy, The Hague, Netherlands. He has exhibited widely across Europe including France, Holland, Cyprus and England.

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Inside Out, Outside In / Wooden dolls, paint, mirror / 40 X 30 X 20 cm (approx)

Artist: Simon Croft (GFEST 2010 Artist)

Description: A Russian doll is gender neutral figure, "only when its surface is painted does it take on an identity"

About the artist: Simon is a trans-man living and working in London. His original inspiration was the photography and films of those artists who document trans people and the diversity of the trans community. He also spent 10 years working in commercial manufacturing following a degree in Engineering.

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Insomniae De Profundis / Photograph / 60 X 60 cm

Artist: Red Bind

Description: An image of the multiple characters, under a single skin, that explores the identity, status and image of a woman.

About the artist: Gilivanka Kedzior and Barbara Friedman are multidisciplinary artists, who investigate subjects such as dominant/dominated relationships, social yokes, limits and ambiguities of gender, issues of the double and of the multiple characters. They are based in Toulouse, France.

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Mate, Are You Happy In Heaven / Acrylic / 90 X 70cm

Artist: Deric Ch'ng

Description: A memoir piece tribute to one of the artist's best friends who died with AIDS related syndrome.

About the artist: Deric Ch'ng, originally from Malaysia, regularly exhibited work from the age of twenty. In 2006, after graduating as an architect he moved to UK and later participated in winter exhibitions at Feren Art Gallery, Hull and in 2010 at Redgate Gallery, London.

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Pandora's Book / Handmade paper /23 X 33 X 2 cm

Artist: Jan Morley (GFEST 2010 Artist)

Description: This book was made 30 years ago whilst Jan was at college and before she knew she was a lesbian.

About the artist: Jan Morley is a designer and artist who currently runs businesses including an online gay and lesbian gift store. She has been an artist for 30 years - although as it was the only thing she ever wanted to do - you could say it has been 50 years!

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Queer'ists Project / Photographs / 42 X 60 cm

Artist: Marta Kochanek

Description: Queer'ists project photographs and interviews LGBT artists and promotes creative existence of homosexual individuals.

About the artist: A freelance photographer, Marta Kochanek recently coordinated work on independent archive of 40 years of Annie Leibovitz's work. Marta's photographs have been shown in exhibitions, including Mall Galleries in London, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery as well as Verge Art Brooklyn in New York.

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Swimming Pool 1: The Lake / Collage on puzzle / 48 X 58 cm

Artist: Cdric-Moasa

Description: Is the image the opposite of reality? Here, nature is built and male characters evolve freely.

About the artist: Born in 1982, Cdric-Moasa studied Graphic Design and Communication at the School of Fine Art of Caen, France. His work encompasses ideas of gender, spirituality, mythology and fashion. He contributed to the first Flit magazine issue and has published two editions.

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Tears Of A Clown / Photograph / 15 X 10 cm

Artist: Aidan Conner Frame

Description: A self portrait based on gay sub culture and the place of the artist within it.

About the artist: Aidan moved to the Isle of Wight as a five years old. Being gay on the island wasn't exactly easy for him however he found a place within art. He is studying at Winchester School of Arts to be a teacher and wants to help other gay teenagers.

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The Green Room / Photograph / 41 X 55 cm

Artist: Francesca Alaimo (GFEST 09 artist)

Description: An Image that recalls theatre - the suspended time between the acts - reflecting intimate and private self-identity.

About the artist: Francesca's artwork mostly relates to the personal to explore thoughts and deconstruct and transform the identity. Since 2007 she has exhibited in Rome, San Francisco, New Jersey and London. In 2010 she was selected for the Shoebox Award in London.

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The I, the You and the We / Sculpture and text / 25 X 80 X 5 cm

Artist: Eloquent Graffiti

Description: Featuring a more complex relationship between the written word and image.

About the artist: 'Eloquent Graffiti' is the identity of collaborators Laura Duncan and Stephanie Torrance. Their other project together involves on-the-spot installations of spontaneous storytelling and photography, juxtaposing technology with nature.

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The Men Of '73 / Pen on paper / 73 X 42 cm

Artist: Paul Kindersley

Description: These 10 men are fictional characters garnered from 70's exploitation films.

About the artist: After having lived in Berlin, Cambridge and London, Paul Kindersley graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2009 and was awarded the Transition Gallery Prize, which resulted in a solo show. He has exhibited widely in London and internationally.

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The Sluggard / Lino cut print / 60 X 42 cm

Artist: Peter A Leigh

Description: A youthful 'interpretation' of Sir Isaac Watts' moral poem, juxtaposed alongside Lord Leighton's bronze interpretation.

About the artist: Peter is British born and London based pop artist and lino cut printer. His work isolates moments of the surreal from within the popular.

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'Bunny Boys 3 / Collage / 42 X 30 cm
Selector's Choice

Artist: Sadie Hennessy

Description: This work is a part of a series concerning absurdity and poignancy, hybrid objects and images which are both comfortably familiar and deeply unsettling.

About the artist: Sadie Hennessy's work operates within a cultural framework of 'Englishness' and explores the idea of nostalgia. In 2010 she won the Jealous Graduate Art Prize for her final MA show at Central St. Martins. Since then she has been experimenting with various printmaking techniques.

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The Wrestler / Oil on canvas / 61 X 46 cm
Selector's Choice

Artist: Bridget Orlando

Description: The wrestler is part of a series of masked or disguised personas, which question the more conventional view of gender and sexuality.

About the artist: Bridget Orlando is a London based artist whose main area of work is portraiture. Originally from the home counties, she studied at West Surrey College of Art, then post graduate studies in France.

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A Secretary (After Sander) / mixed media / 40 X 30
Selector's Choice

Artist: Boa Swindler

Description: Explores high society 'sport' of gender checking, nostalgically referencing the Weimar era Drag Queens, gender-ambiguity and August Sander's famous photograph of a secretary in 1931.

About the artist: Boa Swindler trained in printmaking and painting at Central St. Martins, and University of East London. Internationally exhibited, including the 53rd Venice Biennale and the London Art Fair 2011, her work is in private collections in New York, Tokyo, Zurich and London, including the VandA Museum.

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Mariquitas / Photograph / 76 X 100 cm
Selector's Choice

Artist: Gozra Lozano

Description: A take on mushrooms.. and beetles' preference.

About the artist: Gozra Lozano is an image-creator who sees himself as visual alchemist to the starlets on the boulevard of broken dreams.

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