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GFEST 2011 showreel.
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GFEST 2010 showcase.
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GFEST 09 showcase.
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GFEST 09 Programme showreel.


Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth Street, Marylebone, London, NW8 8EH

Thus 17 / Fri 18 / Sat 19 Nov 7.30 PM
Box office advance booking: / £15 / 10 (cons.)

GFEST performer Guy Harries invites you to a sensual 'Erotolalia' participatory sound installation in bar area in the venue on the three evenings / ENTRY FREE
Date Time Event Venue Booking Info
Thurs 17 Nov 5 to 6 PM Workshop: HIV and sex work in the UK The Cockpit Foyer/Bar ENTRY FREE
Thurs 17 Nov 7:30 PM Performances evening The Cockpit Theatre £15 / £10 (concs.)
Box office advance booking: / £15 / 10 (cons.)
Fri 18 Nov 5 to 7 PM Workshop: Queer Playback Theatre The Cockpit, Studio 1 £7 / £5 (concs.)
Box office advance booking:
Fri 18 Nov 7:30 PM Performances evening The Cockpit Theatre £15 / £10 (concs.)
Box office advance booking: / £15 / 10 (cons.)
Sat 19 Nov 7:30 PM Performances evening The Cockpit Theatre £15 / £10 (concs.)
Box office advance booking: / £15 / 10 (cons.)

Thus 17 Nov/ The Cockpit, foyer /bar area, NW8 8EH / 5 to 6 PM/ ENTRY FREE / No registration required

To mark 30 years of HIV prevention: 'HIV and sex work in the UK': Not A problem but part of the solution. A workshop through enacting role play, includes a Q & A session with sex work activists Thierry Schaffauser.

GFEST 2011 Performances evening @ The Cockpit Theatre / Thurs 17 Nov 7:30 PM

The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, Marylebone, London, NW8 8EH
Box office advance booking: / £15 / 10 (cons.)

Host for the evening by popular choice is GFEST organisation Trustee and accomplished performer Tim Hoyle.

Behind The Mask / 20 min / UK
GFEST 2007 to 2010 artist

Performer: Marcus Reeves

Description: A sensational new collection of material from the first decade of solo career of Marcus Reeves performs poetry from his recent anthology Sighs Ten.

About the performer: As part of London's alternative cabaret scene Marcus has performed alongside Scottee, David Hoyle, Dickie Beau and Jonny Woo to name a few. As part of Mary King's Voicelab, Marcus has also performed at the Royal Festival Hall with Mercury Music Prize winners Elbow, Bobby McFerrin and in a choir led by UK jazz legend Ian Shaw.

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The Boy From Brazil / 15 min / UK
GFEST 07 artist / Selector's Choice

Performer: Johnny Guim

Description: A song and dance man, Johnny Guim takes us on a new collaborative musical journey, a celebration of life and unashamed flamboyance.

About the performer: In a previous life, Johnny Guim was Biba Lerhue, a notorious drag queen. He travelled from the extravaganzas in Sao Paolo to Italy's wild house clubs. In 2000, he appeared in the feature film, 'Princesa', released internationally. Now London-based, he is artistic director of the cabaret club, Cosmica.

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The Cabinet of Doctor Sinister / 15 min / The Netherlands

Performer: Olifanttakeover Teatro

Description: A comic act in which an evil doctor, in search of a victim, finds a woman and her dog in the park. He invites her to his house, drugs and tortures her to turn her into 'a freak woman with 3 tits..'

About the performer: Robbie Baars studied fine art at the University of Cape Town, before moving to Amsterdam in 1989. Viktor Ormazabal studied theatre at the Teatro Estudio Latin Americano in Chile and moved to Spain in 1998. Together they worked and sailed across Europe with the Azart Ship of Fools theatre company. Since 2009 they established their own company Olifanttakeover.

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Songs from the American Motel / 20 min / UK

Performer: Ezra Axelrod

Description: Gay American artist Ezra Axelrod gives an exclusive sneak preview to the month-long theatrical run of his alt-pop cabaret, Songs from the American Motel.The show take audiences on a journey through the 25-year-old artist's outrageous life, from his childhood in the backwoods of the Wild West, through a picaresque adolescence in Latin America, to his new home in London's West End.

About the performer: Axelrod grew up in the isolated town of La Grande, Oregon. He had his first solo performance tour –"the Lust for Wisdom Tour" playing 11 concerts from Montreal to New York City. Axelrod has been touring from January 2011, with performances in the US, Colombia, Argentina and the UK.

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London Gay Symphonic Winds / 15 min / UK

Performer: London Gay Symphonic Winds

Description: London's own gay band presents medley of Lady Gaga songs and other delights.

About the performer: London Gay Symphonic Winds has been performing for about 4 years, with 45 regular members. They recently had a third solo concert and are going strong with the selection of standard band repertoire, orchestral transcripts, popular music, and showtunes.

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Music by Denis Fernando / 15 min / UK
GFEST 08 to 2010 artist.

Performer: Denis Fernando

Description: New music with strong motifs ranging from the political to the personal, which Denis has recently composed on the piano.

About the performer: Denis has performed over the past four years, including at the Spitalfields music festival with the London Bulgarian choir and at the City Showcase at the O2 arena. His debut single was released as part of his music project Red Cable Sunday and was featured on BBC Radio 2 and Radio 3. He is currently working on a debut album.

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Fri 18 Nov: The Cockpit, Studio 1, NW8 8EH / 5 pm to 7 pm / ENTRY : £7 / £5 (concs) - for up to 30 people.

Queer Playback Theatre workshop - an interactive, exploratory theatre including a short 30 min performance with Arnet Donkin, Jane Hoy and Lorna Henry (ideal for drama practitioners and audiences alike)

Box office advance booking:

GFEST 2011 Performances evening @ The Cockpit Theatre / Fri 18 Nov 7:30 PM

The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, Marylebone, London, NW8 8EH
Box office advance booking: / £15 / 10 (cons.)

Host for the evening is warm and witty Helen Sandler - of L Fest, Bar Wotever and YLAF fame.

Carly Bryant 20 min / UK
GFEST 2010 artist

Performer: Carly Bryant

Description: Her songs encompass notes of folk, French jazz, Chopin-esque piano, and Tarantino surf-noir, but amidst this lies the distinct vocals and musical style.

About the performer: Carly has picked up a strong loyal fan base, including The Levellers, REEF and Phats and Small. She was recently awarded one of four places by the PRS Foundation to write and record with various industry professionals including Peter Sarstedt. She performs as both a solo act and with her band mates, "The Giants".

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Not Just Another Pretty Face 25min / USA

Performer: Janice Perry

Description: Perry laughs us through her vibrant collection of social criticism and political satire - from Marilyn Monroe through a few Gulf Wars, High Fashion, Erotica, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Mapplethorpe's naked men and Arts Censorship.

About the performer: Janice Perry has produced and exhibited her work since 1981. Perry has received multiple fellowships for live performance, teaching, and interdisciplinary visual art from the Fulbright Commission / US Department of State, the Vermont Arts Council and the NEA, etc. Her work has been adapted for radio, television and print, screened at film festivals, and exhibited in the USA and Europe.

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Life In The Slow Lane! 20 min / UK
Selector's Choice

Performer: V G Lee

Description: In the 20 minutes available V G Lee offers a 'hilarious' account of a lesbian life in the slow lane.

About the performer: VG Lee has published 3 novels and a collection of short stories. Her fourth novel, Always You, Edina will be published by Ward Wood Publishing, spring 2012. At the age of 60 she became a stand-up comedian and was runner-up in the prestigious Hackney Empire's New Act of the Year 2010.

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EvOn Music Bully 25 min / UK
Selector's Choice

Performer: EvOn

Description: After coming out as a lesbian rapper this act is a celebration of being OUT & Proud, covering sexuality, humour and also sarcasm.

About the performer: London based EvOn has managed to build a loyal fanbase and has delivered her unique combination of hip-hop and soul music to the masses. She has performed for UK Black Pride twice, UK Peace Out hosted by QBoy and NYC Pride. EvOn has built her own "Music Bully Studio" alongside her home girl Producer/Rapper "I M B".

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Experiments In Experimentation 15 min / UK
GFEST 2009 artist

Performer: Holestar

Description: Drama, love, lust and happiness are considered as well as current affairs. Continuing from 'Me, My, Mi' at GFEST 09, this work showcases original new music as well as classic pop songs and storytelling.

About the performer: Since 2003, Holestar has sung, performed, DJed all over Europe and internationally. From Glastonbury and Lovebox Festivals to Royal Opera House, ICA, V&A, Vienna's Life Ball, Royal Festival Hall, various art, cabaret spaces and every London club of note.

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GFEST 2011 Performances evening @ The Cockpit Theatre / Sat 19 Nov 7:30 PM

The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, Marylebone, London, NW8 8EH
Box office advance booking: / £15 / 10 (cons.)

Host for the evening by popular choice is GFEST organisation Trustee and accomplished performer Tim Hoyle.

Razzle Dazzle 20 min / UK

Performer: The Pink Singers

Description: A selection from the 2011 summer concert, all of the songs made famous by LGBT songwriters or composers or LGBT performers.

About the performer: The Pink Singers are a London-based LGBT community choir whose mission is to produce exciting and diverse performances to a range of audiences. They are the longest-running LGBT choir in Europe, made up of over 80 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people from various backgrounds, countries, ethnicities, religions and generations.

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Breaking Codes / 15 min / UK
GFEST 08 / 09 / 10 artist / Selector's Choice

Performer: Guy Harries

Description: A tribute to Alan Turing's theme of the 'other': homosexuality, behaviour that is considered eccentric or the entity of the 'thinking' machine.

About the performer: Guy Harries is a composer & performer based in London and Amsterdam whose work is performed by ensembles such as: The Tate Ensemble, SOIL, The Roentgen Connection, Vocal Lab and LOOS, and have been broadcast and performed internationally. He has recently completed PhD in Electronic Music at City University, and is a lecturer in music at the University of East London.

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Electro-Punk Singer Ste McCabe 20 min / UK

Performer: Ste McCabe

Description: Bringing and creating queer-positive alternative music which is challenging, personal and political.

About the performer: Ste McCabe is a queer-electro-punk singer based in Manchester, UK. In the last 5 years he has released 2 critically acclaimed albums on Cherryade Records, toured all over Europe and has been praised by everyone from Huw Stephens on Radio 1 and Peter Tatchell to '80s icons such as Boy George.

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Amphibia 20 min / UK
Selector's Choice

Performer: Andra Simons & Stephane Roul

Description: A new exploration of homophobia, the challenges of family, and the courage to love another of the same sex.

About the performer: Amphibia is a dynamic music and spoken word project between Bermudian poet performer Andra Simons and French virtuoso percussionist Stephane Roul. They have performed in various locations including the Black Gardenia, the Museum of London and the Soho Theatre, London.

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Naechanè Valentino 15 min / UK
Selector's Choice

Performer: Naechanè Valentino

Description: Musical Entertainment performance by UK's award winning and renowned star.

About the performer: Naechanè has studio album releases, press and television appearances, live performances and movie features. His acclaimed debut album, "New Era" was released in 2006.

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