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GFEST 2015 Films


GFEST 2015 films at ArtHouse Crouch End

159A Tottenham Ln, London N8 9BT

020 8245 3099 /

£10 /£7 (conc.) Tues 17 and Wed 18 November 2015 / 8pm


Tues 17 Nov – 8 pm: Feature drama + short film –  Total duration: approx 2.15 hrs inc Q & A

TheSurfaceHarry_Beach THE SURFACE : A visually rich feature length drama – homage to filmmaking and an intimate journey.

Dir Michael J Saul / USA / 2015 / Feature

Story of Evan, an orphan who has been a disaffected college student, living with his wealthy boyfriend. While sifting through old relics at an elderly man’s yard sale, Evan finds an 8mm movie camera. As he vicariously takes a journey through the home movies, Evan’s relationship with his boyfriend Chris splinters, as he pushes for greater understanding of himself and the notions of family, love and fulfilment.  UK Premiere


An intelligent look at imbalance in relationships, designed for an audience of teens and twenty-somethings, this is a more sophisticated film than it might first appear to be – Eye for Film review.

Following a young man’s emotional search for identity in the modern gay world – This is Local London

Sensitive, introspective film – Bay Area Reporter

Tomorrow1 Tomorrow  – a short film
Dir. Leandro Tadashi / USA / 2014New year eve 1999, two young men worry about the future of their friendship, will things ever be the same again…sneak peek clip :



GFEST 2015 films at ArtHouse Crouch End

Wed 18 Nov – 8 pm: Short film series  :  Total duration: approx 2. 30 hrs inc Q & A

Trannysformation (Jono)   SINK THE PINK FILM SERIES

Dir. Craig Heathcote / UK / 2015

Pink Pilgrims (Finn) & Trannysformation (Jono) both shorts look at the identities and differences between DRAG and TRANNY? What identifying as QUEER means?

Putting on the Dish Putting on the Dish

Dir. Brian Fairbairn & Karl Eccleston

UK / 2015 / subtitled

London, 1962. Two strangers strike up a conversation on a park bench about life, love, sex and the hostile world they find themselves in as gay men.

PepperLe Piment_pix 1 PEPPER

Dir. Patrick Aubert / Canada / 2014

The painful awakening of a couple after an evening of fantasies… Dreams evaporate, reality appears.

Teaser clip :

NERDESIN ASKIM pic3 NERDESIN ASKIM? (WHERE ARE YOU MY LOVE?) Dir. Defne Gezen / Turkey / 2014 / subtitled

A story of transsexual sex workers in Istanbul, Turkey, where there is very little protection and no “hate crime” laws.

UK Premiere

Rule Of Thumb 1 Rule Of Thumb

Dir. Almog Gurevich / Israel /2015 / subtitled

A young man navigates his new found sexual freedom in Tel Aviv’s gay scene, while being enslaved by his struggle with bulimia. Based on a true story.


Dir. Jean-Julien Collette / Belgium & France 2013

A girl who never knew her mother and her

only reference is the love of two heterosexual fathers united by a “non-carnal” marriage.

Trailer :

Still fromUnconditional2 Unconditional

Dir. Kent Igleheart / USA / 2015

The single largest group of homeless kids in the USA is LGBT. Featuring music from Grammy-Nominee Hozier, Unconditional tells the story of a black teen kicked out for being LGBT.

 UK Premiere

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